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Post by Berkshire0629 on Sat May 17, 2014 11:53 am


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Melt Cosmetics  Empty Just 'ok'

Post by benoit_balls on Fri Jul 25, 2014 11:07 pm

I know some really love Melt Cosmetics, but personally I didn't like the lipsticks I received. I ordered DGAF and Bane, after seeing swatches of them and wanting a darker, more dramatic lipstick. The lipsticks smell like super, super cheap lipsticks-- almost a little like crayons, or lipsticks that you get in play sets as a child. I found them difficult to apply. They had a lot of tug and consequently feathered a lot at the edges. The lip feel wasn't very comfortable either, it felt a bit heavy and waxy. When I e-mailed asking about the dry consistency, the response I got was that the lipsticks are both 'ultra-matte' and that you should apply over a moisturizer and primer (which I already had done, actually). So I guess if this is how the lipsticks are actually supposed to be, they just aren't for me. I've seen some other people report issues with this, and others didn't seem bothered. The lipsticks were quite pigmented, to be fair. They also shipped quite quickly-- about two days after I placed my order. I personally won't be ordering again, but for people who aren't bothered by 'ultra matte' lipsticks, they might be a good option.


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Melt Cosmetics  Empty Re: Melt Cosmetics

Post by Seashells15 on Sat Feb 21, 2015 6:47 pm

I desperately want their gorgeous matte navy DGAF, but I don't feel comfortable purchasing from Melt. Check out this archived snapshot of their ingredients page from Dec 2014:

The ingredients list contains ultramarines. Ultramarines are not FDA approved for use on the lips here in the US, which is where Melt is based. The current ingredients page ( now lists blue dye instead of ultramarines, but I really don't feel comfortable supporting a brand that was willfully going against FDA regulations.


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Melt Cosmetics  Empty too expensive, too dry

Post by mermaidunicornhybrid on Fri Jun 19, 2015 12:45 pm

The colours are gorgeous but the quality just isn't here. I ordered Summer! and Shady Lady. Summer! was horrible. I had to apply it with a balm to get it to spread on my lips because the formula is so dry and it pulls at your lips. After a an hour, it turned into a chalky mess. I tried Space Cake (a friend has it) and had a similar problem). Shady Lady is very nice, however, it must have more moisture in the formula. That said, when I told them I was having this problem they were willing to exchange Summer! for a different colour (I had to pay shipping though). I appreciated their prompt and friendly customer service, but for that pricetag there are a lot of other brands I prefer.


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Melt Cosmetics  Empty Re: Melt Cosmetics

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