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Post by whoadangjamie on Wed Oct 15, 2014 10:50 am

Link to Alog Cosmetics Etsy Shop

Based out of Iceland.

Opened Etsy Store 1/2013

Reached out to IMAM 5/2014


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Alog Cosmetics Empty I want to recommend this brand but...

Post by whoadangjamie on Wed Oct 15, 2014 11:11 am

Date ordered: 16 Sept 2014

Got a message from Bjarney 19 Sept saying there's a volcano erupting so she might not be able to make it to the post office as quickly as she'd like. I tell her not to worry and to stay safe.

Date shipped: 26 Sept 2014

Date received: 1 Oct 2014

EVERYTHING WAS MISSING. It was in a pretty feeble envelope and the corner had been ripped. Not sure if it's because someone decided to steal my lipstick samples or if the envelope just ripped. I messaged Bjarney to let her know that this happened, and that I opened a case with USPS.

Sent a followup message 5 Oct. Hadn't heard anything from USPS yet, but wanted to know what she wanted me to do in order to get my lipsticks.

Posted a question asking if anyone had heard from her 8 Oct on IMAM. People encouraged me to open a Paypal dispute.

Paypal dispute: 8 Oct 2014

I got a message over Etsy from Bjarney 9 Oct. She apologized for not responding sooner, told me she was sad to see the dispute, but that she guesses she understands. She asked if I wanted her to resend the package or if I wanted a refund. I responded the next morning when I woke up because we have a pretty significant time difference and wanted to try to get a response in the same day. I asked if she would be able to mail it out in a bubble mailer so that it's more secure. I mentioned that I really would like to try out her lipsticks.

No response, so sent a follow up message 12 Oct.

I wonder if I'll ever get the lipsticks (or a response without requiring Paypal). If anything new happens, this post will be updated!

Edit: 10/28/2014

Sent a follow up 16 Oct asking for an update. No response.

Sent another followup on 20 Oct, saying that I would hate to do it but if I get no response by the 24 Oct, I would be escalating my Paypal dispute to a claim. I also mentioned my frustration at the lack of responses.

21 Oct - Finally got a response. Bjarney said that she's very sorry about the lack of responses, and that she understands my frustration. She resent the products on 17 Oct in a more secure mailer, and explained her personal issues that she's going through.

I received my package on 27 Oct. It contained full sizes of Nebula, Teatime, Kitten, and Stars at Night, along with a sample of Phoenix. I had originally ordered samples of Nebula, Teatime, Kitten, and Mystic. Honestly, while I'm happy to have received products from Alog, it's not a brand I would recommend based on her personal issues right now. The lipsticks are smooth, but they seem unevenly mixed. While they're pretty, I'm sure I can get other stuff without the hassle I experienced with Alog.

Edit: 11/05/2014

Here's my blog post which contains swatches and the rest of my review.

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