Debaucherous Bath

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Re: Debaucherous Bath

Post by celestialsodapop on Sat Nov 29, 2014 5:17 am

Placed three orders with DB throughout 2014, and had several issues, including turnaround time, tracking issues, and unresponsive owner. I would not recommend this shop based on my experiences.

Two orders (June and September) took just past the very maximum TAT listed (21 business days, mine took about 25), despite updated blog posts claiming the shop was nearly caught up. I contacted the owner both of these times to inquire about tracking numbers that didn't move beyond "Electronic Shipping Info Received." The first time I got a reply, but the issue wasn't resolved within the next week so I had to contact them a second time to get an update. The other time I contacted them about my stalled order, I never received any replies to my convo at all, but the package did eventually show up.

When they did reply, the owner blamed the issues on the post office and said they would send "another package," but both times the original tracking numbers eventually activated and began updating. The labels on the envelopes I received were printed on the original ship date, so they clearly were not duplicate or replacement packages as claimed.

I paid $10 extra for rush processing on my other order (August), and had no issues. Package was shipped, tracking number updated, and my order arrived within a week.

I have only tried perfumes and lip balms, no bath products. I find the perfumes to be well-balanced and not overly synthetic-smelling, long lasting with reasonable sillage. Gourmands and unisex (cologne-like) scents are especially well done; I only wish the customer service matched the quality of the perfumes. The lip balms are small for the price, strangely waxy, and not very moisturizing.


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Be cautious

Post by meeooooooww on Tue Feb 17, 2015 1:03 pm

This is a copy-paste of the review I left on etsy:

"Shop has a reputation (do a Google search) of orders past TAT & poor communication, if I had known that before I ordered I wouldn't have (lesson learned). Order was marked as shipping label created and never progressed past that. I gave the shop owner until the end of TAT to message about it. Took 2 messages and a week for a response. Said UPS must have lost the package which I can't verify but according to other reviews that is her standard reason for packages past their TAT. Each message took her several days to respond. Promised to send out a replacement package next day, but it took a week and several messages from me. I threatened to file dispute package shipped out same day. Poorly packaged, vials had no bubble wrap/tissue paper. I got 3 free samples but the labels were damaged/fade. I was pleased with the items I got, they work well and I enjoyed the scents, but nothing is unique enough that I can't find the same product type or a dupe for the scent at a shop where I can have better customer service.

Seller replied to me with this:

"Each fragrance is exceptionally unique as they are hand blended by DB, should there be an issue we would love to hear from you directly so that we can take care of the issue at hand. Thank you for your patronage."

Which completely missed the point of my review, I never said that her fragrances were stock. They may be hand blended but they aren't exactly ground breaking ideas. For example I ordered a scent called Black Cat, the notes are blood orange and marshmallow, I have the exact same scent from HoG. Or another one is an apple cider perfume, almost every indie perfumery has an apple cider perfume. Plus, I did contact her with my concerns during and after the order process and her lack of communication made the process hard. She was never rude, but she did not seem to care at all... Was never offered a refund or anything like that. At one point, her shop went into vacation mode and the only response was an automated message saying the shop was in vacation mode and to be patient.


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Debaucherous Bath

Post by BasorexicPoltergeist on Thu Feb 26, 2015 7:16 pm

I have only ordered with Debaucherous Bath once. I have heard of others having trouble with this shop. However, my order went smoothly. It shipped out within tat. Everything arrived packaged safely in a box. I have no complaints about the quality of the products I received. I liked several of the perfume oils and the texture of the whipped soap. I like the overall appearance of the brand. After hearing the experiences of others I am afraid to order again. Considering some of the issues with tat and communication others seem to be having I cannot recommend this shop.


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Re: Debaucherous Bath

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