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Post by Boss_Nessa on Sat Dec 13, 2014 9:29 am

Eyeshadows often reported from mass market product or pigments sold without adding an eyeshadow base. Poor packaging, shadows often leak out of containers because lids do not properly secure. Company not forthcoming with ingredient list or with questions about their manufacturing/safety/quality processes. Orders frequently need to be chased down, sometimes for months on end. Frequent hiatuses and disappearances due to reported "health issues" that pop up every 6 months or so. Many orders never sent out, refunds promised and never given. Terrible customer service. They have admitted to taking new orders in order to get money to fulfill orders that were never sent it to provide refunds to those old orders (although those products and refunds were never sent). This has been a recurring issue over the life of the company. They have been closed for months but are apparently reopening this week, and those old orders and refunds still haven't been sent. Under no circumstances can I ever recommend that someone order from this company.


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Post by Black Sheep on Mon Dec 22, 2014 11:18 pm

The owner of SL has been outed as a grifter and habitual liar on Ravelry and Facebook and now seems to have turned her attention to Reddit. I'm sure that will implode too. They have a history of citing medical emergencies as a valid reason for making people wait up to six months for an order. Many customers never have received their paid for product. Right now as I type this she is actively deleting posts asking for refunds/product/explanations on the company Facebook account. They are openly admitting that they are taking orders to cover paying back people they have taken money from and not paid back. Prices have been pushed up to at least double the former price supposedly to cover making new stock. What she needs to do is get a job, use part of her income to pay back her former customers and make everything right before taking new orders and relaunching. But why do that when you can just sit back, take orders and never fulfill them? It's worked before.

In the last two years of dealing with this company I ordered product and didn't receive it. What did arrive was not good quality. In the first stages of this business the product was good- it had staying power and appeared to do what it promised. The last of the product that did make it out appeared to be lacking eye shadow base fixer probably because they were cutting corners everywhere to cover that they were spending money that should have gone to supplies. Many people reported that colors they had bought before no longer stayed on for very long. It looked like cheap fillers bulked out pigments as colors began to look lighter than they were previously. I have two canisters of one color where this difference is very obvious. A swatch of both on my arm showed the newer color dropped off within thirty minutes while the older and much darker color stayed on for most of the day.Mad It's sad that a product that had so much potential to be something great got ruined out of greed and probably laziness.

I recommend avoiding this company unless you like paying for product and never getting it.

Black Sheep

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