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Bath Sabbath

Post by WyldeKat on Sun Dec 28, 2014 11:54 am

Bath Sabbath is a little Etsy shop that sells really unique bath/body products with a black metal theme. I got my boyfriend some mustache wax, beard oil, soap and cologne samples for the holidays. I also ordered a bar of soap and a couple sample vials for myself. I was very impressed with the products, I love the unique packaging, but most of all I was blown away by the customer service! Virginia sent out my package within 3 days of ordering and automatically refunded the extra shipping costs. She also sent me a cute little Christmas soap sample as well as 3 mini vials of perfume for me to try. The shipping took forever (thanks Canada Post...) but overall it was a very pleasant experience. 10/10 am already planning next order. And the best part is that I found a new HG scent for my bf to replace his department store brand. This is step #1 in my plan to get him into indies too. Soon he'll be one of us... one of us, one of us...


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