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Post by mermaidunicornhybrid on Fri Jun 19, 2015 12:54 pm

Everything I've every bought is top notch quality. I used to shop at Lush, and now I'm HoG for life. Their perfumes aren't quite as long lasting as some other brands, but I don't care because they all smell incredible.


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Post by Sirensongofdeath on Thu Jun 25, 2015 1:48 am

I'm very happy with the quality of the bubbling scrub, perfume oils, and pumpkin butter.
Bubbling scrub- feels great and is an awesome lightweight exfoliant.
The pumpkin butter- is almost greasy on me not quite, but so close. It lasts a decent amount of time, I only had to reapply twice on a hot summer day.
Perfume oil-upon opening every bottle of the 4 samples I tried (Sol, Beguiled, Twice is Nice and Vice) I could smell each and every note clearly, first time I've ever experienced that with any perfume. The notes (mostly) smell very authentic and not fake, with the exception of the chocolate note in Vice and the lemon in Beguiled, though that may be due to my skin chemistry. With the exception of Sol the oils wore off fairly quickly within 3 hours for me. I did notice all the scents have a faint medicinal quality straight out of the bottle and when wet, but it fades. My boyfriend thinks I smell like incense anytime I wear HoG, which I'm not sure if he thinks that's a good quality or not, but there you have it.

TAT was quick 3 days. I'm a fan of the 3 gourmand scents I tried, so I'll definitely be purchasing from them again in Fall as I bet they'll have some amazing gourmand options. I look forward to trying their butterbombs and whipped soap in the future.


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Post by Rexyaa on Sat Dec 26, 2015 9:17 pm

This is my first indie perfume purchase, and I'm very happy with my purchase Very Happy
Easy to order, it came right on time, packed securely with two candies and a free sample vial and soap.
Vice is definitely my favorite of the 3, it's has this strong blend of marshmallow and chocolate that so far has lasted 4 hours . I'll be buying this in a full size.
Cozy sweater is exactly as described, it smells like the cleanest sweater fresh out of the dryer. Very comforting, I'll wear this for nights I want to stay in. Will also get a full size of this.
Snow wolf is probably more for a man, but I love the icy fir/cedar notes. While this is the one I won't be buying a full size of, it gave me a sense of the kind of notes I want in a sharp and cold perfume. It's probably the frankincense that turns me off of it. In the future I'll buy the wintervale to test out a cold scent.


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Post by xodanielleelise on Mon Feb 15, 2016 5:56 pm

I ordered a few of their sale bath & body products and I'm so glad I did! The bubbling scrub is nice and scrubby (as expected, heh) without being too rough, the pumpkin butter is really thick & moisturizing, and the lip balm is my new HG! Everything shipped within their TAT, was packaged cutely, and I was excited that my free sample was from their Valentine's line instead of a GC.


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Haus of Gloi  - Page 2 Empty Re: Haus of Gloi

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