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Anothersoul on etsy- book of shadows  Empty Anothersoul on etsy- book of shadows

Post by i8chrispbacon on Tue Aug 25, 2015 6:21 pm

Just wanted to submit about my latest experience with lynn. I picked a palette design but in a note to seller I asked if they might have anything that qualified as Halloween themed. I was thoroughly expecting a no, but after a couple days they sent me a message apologizing (wat!) For delay but they just got a new pattern in. Included was a picture of it and they asked if I liked it then they can use that. I did like the pattern so they were able to do that for me. It's a washed out like of parchment background with skull and crossbones print. It's more of a pirate feel but to me that's close enough, I wanted something cheesey fun and edgy at the same time so this was perfect!I just appreciated that they took the time to consider and fulfill my request, despite the fact I didn't know to ask for a custom listing for it. Wonderful customer service. This is my second order from the shop and just as last time quality is perfect.


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Anothersoul on etsy- book of shadows  Empty Re: Anothersoul on etsy- book of shadows

Post by greendaisy on Mon Nov 02, 2015 12:31 pm

I own two different palettes from them. The palettes do tend to be less whimsical and bright, so if that is what you are searching for this brand won't be your style. Overall though, I love how unique and well made they are, the palettes come at a decent price (not cheap but by no means ludicrous, and shipping has been as expected.


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