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Post by herestoshuttingup on Sat Oct 17, 2015 9:01 pm

I ordered three lip balms and four bath bombs from the Radical Works Etsy shop. TAT was listed as 3-5 days but my package didn't ship for 10 days after purchase. The packaging was tacky, and frankly a little gross. My bath bombs were wrapped in paper dinner napkins topped with a layer of bubble wrap. The lip balms came wrapped in what appeared to be food-grade plastic wrap. Everything was packed into holiday print ziploc baggies. Something about receiving bath and body products wrapped in items that are meant to hold and clean up food grossed me out and made me wonder where exactly my products were produced.

The products were not impressive, either. The Oreo flavored lip balm I got tasted like maple, the Krispy K (donut) lip balm tasted like sour milk, and the the Rice Krispie Bar lip balm tasted like dawn dish soap and chemicals. The texture of the balms was nice but it does not seem that their fragrances translate to a lip product. 2/3 of them got thrown out after one use.

My bathbomb choices were Blueberry Muffin, Rootbeer Float, Candy Corn, and Hot Fudge Brownie. They all smelled great and pretty true to their names. I used the Candy Corn bomb and while it smelled nice,  there were some black particles in it that I don't believe were supposed to be there (the bomb itself was a light red/brown color and the particles floated in the water rather than dissolving). Unfortunately I didn't notice the black stuff until I'd stepped out of the bath. It was a small, 2oz bathbomb but it made the water so oily that I had to take a shower afterward. I expect some oils in bath bombs but this one left me shiny and greasy. This is not a brand I would recommend and I will not purchase from them again.

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