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Post by space-gypsy on Sun Dec 06, 2015 3:22 pm

I got introduced to this company by a colleague not so long ago, and I ordered some 1ml samples of their perfumes. Amazing customer service! They were so friendly and helpful, emailed me back the same day with a really lengthy reply to my question.
Packaging and shipping are excellent value, not a rip off. The perfumes are really high quality and are clearly made with good ingredients. I purchased some of their perfumes, so here are my mini reviews:

Citrus Grove
- usually not a huge fan of citrus, but this baby is something. It's not really citrus, it has a citrus top/middle note, smells like sweet mandarin. But there is also a sweet balsamic woody undertone. I love it, though I can see it might not work on everybody's skin.

Kali- I prefered the solid perfume to the liquid. It's like walking through a forest of jasmine. Reminded me of holidays in France as a kid. It's very floral at first, then the florals fade and turn to soft zesty citrus, eventually drying down to grassy vetiver and balsamic (labdanum?) it worked on my skin wonderfully, but not on my colleague. Her skin made it smell kinda rancid.
Terre Sauvage-I think only available in solid. It reminded me of mossy/ferny woods. It has a very damp, herbaceous smell, with lavender and hay overtones. It didn't work so well on my skin because my skin began to smell really odd, but it worked on my hair! boy, it smells so soothing.

Baba Yaga- oh this is my FAVOURITE. I'm not sure how to pronounce it, but damn! that is some fine oakmoss! and Fir! It's quite sweet but also fresh at the same time. It makes me think of Xmas. But it also makes me think of a rainy forest. I'm not sure where the sweetness comes from, but it smells almost animalic. I've been wearing it for a week now, my bf can't stop smelling it.

Summer Thunder-okay officially one of the most (good)bizarre smells I've ever smelt. It smells dry like hay and but also smells like honey (but not sweet) It's very herbaceous, but it's like savannah-kind of-herbaceous, not green. It smells like a dry field before the storm.
Temple-okay, no this has to got to be another favourite. It lasts for HOURS and it basically smells like church? Very incensy, balsamic, not sickly but sweet. I can smell frankincense but also a hint of rose. I prefer the liquid version to the solid. It reminds me of living in the UAE many years ago, kind of smells like the oud they wear there.
I also tried Himeros, but I wasn't such a fan, too sweet and not very stable. Maybe it's just my skin. But it was just too sweet.

P.s. Their packaging is GORGEOUS!!! It's absolutely BEAUTIFUL. And their postage rates are probably the cheapest I've ever seen. Big thank you, Memento!



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