Dreamworld Hermetica

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Dreamworld Hermetica

Post by speakstruth on Thu Nov 07, 2013 2:45 pm


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Review + swatches of promo kit

Post by soleus on Fri Feb 21, 2014 10:36 am

This is a review of a promotional kit from Dreamworld Hermetica, and my first order. First of all, this is quite a generous collection of products for $5. I am more than satisfied with my order in terms of products and customer service.

I emailed the owner, Ellie, for advice regarding foundation colors before ordering. She was very helpful and even threw in five extra foundation samples to help me find a match. The samples are large enough for a number of uses, which is great for someone (like me) who is new to mineral foundation and needs some experimentation to get it right.

The kit came with a full size Magick Lip Wand in Pixie Gold. I have to admit, I'm surprised how much I like this one since I tend to stick to pink/berry/plum lips. It's a very sheer, subtle gold shimmer in a clear base. It feels smooth and emollient on my lips, more like liquid lipstick than a gloss (it's not at all sticky). Because the gold is sheer, it's easy to layer over other lip colors for a shimmery effect, but it's unlikely to reach an opaque metallic gold. Ultimately, Pixie Gold is a very wearable gold shimmer and since I'm not one for wild lip colors, that makes it a winner for me!

The kit also included two mini eye shadows and five samples. All have good pigmentation, although my pictures don't capture it well. The greens, in particular, really pop on my eyelid due to the shifting/duochrome effect. I think swatching them over Pixie Epoxy would have shown this more, but I didn't have on me at the time... Swatches are here: http://imgur.com/a/P6jmF

  • New Moon (mini) is a metallic white.

  • Breaking Dawn (mini) is a lovely rosy silver.

  • Hallowed Ground is pale teal with goldish shimmer.

  • Evil Witch has blue-green shimmer over a warm (peachy?) base. It shifts in different light.

  • Ariel has golden-green shimmer over a warm pinkish base. This one also shifts in the light. It's probably my favorite of all the eye shadows. I think it blends in with my skin tone in the picture because the pinkish base is coming out. On the eye, it's vibrant green!

  • All Together Dead is a shimmery sheer gold.

  • Angry Zombie is rust with copper shimmer.

There were a number of different face products, which I did not swatch because they blend into my skin:

  • Maiden (mini blush) is a hot pink with abundant silver shimmer. This does not blend away into my skin, but I forgot to swatch it. Oops.

  • Adventure Perilous (sample blush) is a soft pinky lavender. This is really nice on pale skin.

  • Ghostly Glo is a warm peachy finishing powder with a satin effect. I quite like this finish, it's very smooth and glowy.

  • Neutral illuminating powder has an almost translucent base with some shimmer.

  • Butterscotch creme is a clay finishing powder, in a matte neutral tone. I will definitely be using this on my oily skin.

  • Destiny illuminating glow powder has a white/translucent base with silver shimmer.


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Re: Dreamworld Hermetica

Post by Quixle on Tue Mar 04, 2014 10:29 pm

The product selection area for purchasing is sort of unique on this site, but once you get used to it it's not bad. The layout is clean and easy to navigate, which I appreciate. I really appreciate swatches on the site, and they're pretty true-to-life.

The shipping was very quick, especially for ordering during a small Valentine's day sale. Everything was wrapped nicely and she was very generous with samples. I ordered two mini shadows and a finishing powder sample and got three generous samples.

The pigmentation and smoothness of the products are great.


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Re: Dreamworld Hermetica

Post by Burg3rsandfrys on Fri Apr 18, 2014 6:03 pm

Always within TAT, most of the time quicker. Love her shadows. Very pigmented, beautiful colors. Her new semi loose formula is very creamy and lovely. I love the themes of her collections and all the colors show up great, with or without primer. I can tell I am going to be a long term customer. Some colors have amazing shifts! Definitely recommend.


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Definite Recommend!

Post by ashhole613 on Fri Jul 25, 2014 1:20 pm

I bought about ten foundation samples from DWH and two tubes of lipstick this month. Thankfully I found a perfect match, which is incredibly difficult for me (yellow-ish skin with discolorations)! The lipcolors were beautiful, but I did havea slight issue with one of the colors being very very soft. The owner offered to replace it since it had undergone a reformulation, but I didn't feel that was necessary since I can just use a lip brush to apply it. Her TAT was fast, prices were excellent, and the product quality is seriously top-notch.


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Foundation Review!

Post by kangarew4258 on Wed Dec 03, 2014 2:14 pm

I love my foundation from Dreamworld Hermetica, I have the Cloud formula and it is really compatible with my oily skin. Ellie, the owner, helped me to find the perfect color, which required two tries, and a lot of effort from her. She mixed up two intermediary shades in Nimue 3.5 and Juno 3.5 because the III level was just a tad too light, and the IV level too dark. I am wowed.

This owner really cares about her customers. She is also very generous. I ordered a mini blush and she sent me other blushes to try out for free. I highly recommend this company based on its excellent customer service and the quality of the products.


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Re: Dreamworld Hermetica

Post by kiwimangoes on Fri Jan 23, 2015 3:25 pm

Owner is amazing, item shipped safely & reasonably prompt, product is high quality, order came with samples and a handwritten thank you note. Would definitely buy from again.


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Re: Dreamworld Hermetica

Post by Seashells15 on Sat Feb 21, 2015 5:51 pm

First things first, Ellie is incredible. Fantastic customer service, incredibly generous freebies with pretty much every order, very proactive with any product issues. Ellie is a shining example of top-notch customer service.

Just as importantly, the products are great, too. I think Ellie is really good at giving honest descriptions of her products (especially with respect to stickiness of lip products) so you will know what to expect when you order a product. Here's a general overview to what I've tried:

Semi-loose eyeshadows: I swatched and reviewed the Medieval semi-loose collection (http://www.indieknow.net/2014/11/collection-spotlight-dreamworld.html) and it's glorious. The semi-loose formula is so cool - bold, shiny metallic color over bare skin. I love using these as liner or bold inner corner highlights. I think they work best in precise placement rather than diffused, blended areas. The only drawback is they have more fallout than your average shadow, so consider doing your eyes before your foundation.

Matte eyeshadow: Beautifully done, and in a wider variety of colors than you see from other companies. I love the Avalon matte collection. If you missed Sigma's Creme de Couture palette, the Avalon shades might fill the pastel-matte-shaped hole in your heart.

Blushes: Ellie's blushes are great, if hit or miss depending on your tastes. The opacity varies by blush so I definitely recommend looking up swatches before you buy. There's also a range of finishes from matte to SUPER SPARKLY. Excellent color range, including everything from burgundy to girly pink to deep purple, which makes me super happy. A few of them are very powdery - I've noted which ones in the Imgur album linked at the bottom of this post. I think my top picks so far are Magna, Need, and Circe.

Ecto-Wand Lip Gloss: A very sticky lip gloss, as described. Nicely pigmented.

Lip Twist: I have Venura. I think it's got a similar problem to Shiro's old Intertubes, which got a little grainy from some of the butters in the formula. It's easy enough to smooth out, though, and gives a moderately sheer purple tint that makes me happy.

I've got swatches and mini reviews of the Avalon collection, Venura Lip Twist, and some blushes here: http://imgur.com/a/I6SvC


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Re: Dreamworld Hermetica

Post by moreteawesley on Sat Feb 21, 2015 11:06 pm

Ellie makes the most gorgeous neutral shadows! I never fail to find a new favorite when I order. She also has a ton of other products, but I've only tried the eyeshadows so far. The formula is one of my favorites - very pigmented with minimal fall-out, especially the semi-loose shadows.

My orders have always shipped within TAT and arrived quickly - especially since I'm in the same state.

My one and only complaint is that you know how with most shops, you get an order confirmation right afterward with the list if everything you bought? You do get a confirmation from DWH, but you don't get that order summary until your order has shipped. It's a very minor quibble, but I prefer getting the summary immediately so I can keep track of everything I'm waiting for.


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Re: Dreamworld Hermetica

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